5 Best Apps for Kids to Nurture a Gifted Brain

5 Best Apps for Kids to Nurture a Gifted Brain

This article provides parents with a list of applications that they can utilize to develop the minds of their children and make them fast thinkers. This article also shows the recommended screen time allowed for children.

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As the world becomes more digitally driven, a kid holding a tablet or a smartphone is already a familiar sight.

While some parents hesitate to allow children to use mobile or digital devices, a study found that screen time used for educational purposes is beneficial and has even resulted in increased learner motivation. One research suggests that mobile education apps in the form of video games, storytelling, and simulation enabled better learning.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that 18 to 24 months should have “limited, high-quality programming/apps co-viewed with an adult.” For children ages two to five years old, screen time should be limited to no more than 1 hour a day, with viewing that is “interactive, non-violent, educational, and prosocial.”

If you’re looking for kid-friendly apps that can help your child become a fast-thinker, check out our list below:


1.    PlayBrain Philippines

A one-of-a-kind application, parents can rely on PlayBrain Philippines to develop the minds of their kids and make them fast thinkers.

After all, it has been purposely developed by some of the world’s best brain experts to provide games, activities, thought pieces, and other content to help in the development of children’s minds.

Here, kids can explore interactive online activities with personal difficulty levels and other guided offline activities that they can follow off-screen. As a bonus, the application also features parenting content, such as informative video articles with practical tips.

(Available on Android)


2.    KidloLand Games & Toddler Games

Recommended and approved by teachers, Kidloland is an award-winning learning application with 3,000+ games, songs, books, activities, and rhymes.

For three to four years old, it offers interactive activities such as “Story Time” which develops children’s reading and listening skills with stories about school, seasons, and holidays; and “Places Around Us” which allows kids to discover local workplaces, institutes and community centers with engaging songs and colorful graphics.

Older children from four years old and beyond can also find lots of appropriate content to focus their energy on, like “Word Families,” which would challenge them to grasp complex words with catchy songs and interactive visuals; “Addition & Subtraction” which is an interesting way to develop kids’ addition and subtraction skills with favorite objects like monsters and bugs; and “Magic Words” that develops children’s social skills with the greetings like “Hello” and “Please.”

Here, kids can surely play games that enhance their thinking, social, and reasoning skills.

(Available on Android and iOS)



3.    ABCmouse.com

With more than 850 Lessons Across 10 Levels and 10,000 individual learning activities, you’ll never go wrong with ABCmouse.com!

This early learning academy offers a full online curriculum for children ages two to eight and covers four core subjects, including Reading, Math, Science, and Art & Colors.

ABCmouse's high-quality curriculum has thousands of learning activities to support child's education at home and ensure that learning is not boring. In fact, as backed by research and designed in collaboration with nationally-recognized childhood education experts, its supplemental homeschool curriculum includes not only books but also games, puzzles, and learning videos.

With ABCmouse, it’s easier for parents or guardians to see how much progress their child is making with “Progress Tracker” as there are easy-to-read graphs that show progress both by academic level and by curriculum subject.

Interestingly, ABCmouse also motivates kids to continue learning through tickets and a reward system.

(Available on iOS and accessible on https://www.abcmouse.com/abt/homepage)


4.    Thinkrolls Play & Code STEM

If you want your child to hone their thinking skills, build an early understanding of coding, and develop a love of math and science at an early age, it’s time for you to download this award-winning application for 3-8 years old.

This app promises to help your little one quickly solve complex problems, think multiple steps ahead, and apply these skills to real-life scenarios.

(Available on iOS)


5.    Google Play Books

Google Play Books is regarded by many as the best kips app for books because it has a large selection of kid-friendly content. The application includes features for reading each type and even has things like comic books.

Children ages zero to eight years old can now enjoy Google Play Books’ feature that reads stories to kids. Here, the app can be set to automatically turn the pages or allow the reader to manually flip to new pages.

In case your kids don't understand the meaning of a word, the app also allows for the use of the built-in dictionary to get kids-friendly definitions of words. Non-readers, meanwhile, can easily learn to read themselves through the app because it already has a tool showing the text on the page and highlighting each word as it is read.

Parents can download a book for their children to listen to on the go without a monthly subscription required.

(Available on Android and iOS)


As parents, we have often seen information online that advocates for not exposing children to technology at all. While this idea definitely has merits, the ubiquitous nature of technology in today’s world has made it very difficult. That’s why we have to settle for the next best thing, that is, finding the appropriate online content for kids.


This not only introduces them to technology and online content but also helps develop their critical thinking skills, among other things. We hope that the list we provided above will help you raise a fast-thinking, emotionally resilient, and healthy child.





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